Loveheart Workshops


At the weekend, my friend Lottie came up from Worcester to visit. Both of us, love crafts and spent most of our university days knitting, sewing and baking. Lottie is planning her wedding to Lewis next year so I decided to organise a trip to Loveheart Workshops, owned by Alison, a wonderful friend and regular visitor to The Olive Stone.


Oh and what fun we had!

Alison is a very enthusiastic and inspiring lady. Her passion for pottery and art is infectious! Lottie and I left the workshop in a creative daze and could have spent the whole day making pretty clay decorations!


 We made vases and cute decorations. Lottie has created a wonderful ring dish for their wedding day too. 

There are boxes upon boxes of cutters and stamps. Allowing you to create the most unique gifts and decorations.

Alison organises weekly pottery, art, felting and even book making classes so take a look at her website or search for Loveheart Workshops on Facebook. We had a private booking on Saturday. It would be great also for hen or birthday parties.


Our pieces were waiting for the kiln when we left so when they are all finished, we will share the finished articles when we pick them up! Thanks again Alison!



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