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At the end of June we had a fabulous holiday in Pescara situated on the East coast of Italy. Of course we experienced amazing weather, incredible food, friendly locals and tasty wine.

Therefore we want to share our experiences and inspirations with you all. We want to share recipes that we have adapted from our recent trip. Watch out for regular blog updates.

We stayed in a beautiful stately home Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi, with stunning gardens and buildings. It’s the most tranquil place to unwind with a glass of the local pecorino wine and antipasti.



We arrived at the boutique hotel at around 11 in the evening and we has the warmest welcome from Andrea. After a long day of travelling the tall made sure we had something to eat and drink!



Olive ascolane (frittura mista all’ascolana)

The small balls are olives stuffed with meats, breadcrumbed and then fried.
We both promised ourselves we would be fearless when it came to trying new food on our trip. Hollie was challenged mostly but never hesitated, only when it came to calamari!




After our feast, it was time for bed in our ‘blue’ suite! It just happened we both had blue pjs!

Hollie and Davide

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What’s cooking today?

A big hello to all!
We are starting a blog from today here at The Olive Stone.


We want to document our very exciting journey with you all, following both Davide and I. We want to share our passion for food with you all, including our top tips, travels and favourite recipes. Giving everyone the opportunity to get to know us two a bit better!

So watch this space!

What’s on offer today?
Triple chocolate brownies
Double chocolate cake with nutella frosting and ripple
Cherry cake with strawberry cream cheese
Sage focaccia rolls
Stuffed loaves
Large focaccias
Artisan flatbreads

All perfect for or with any supper!

Bon appetite
Hollie & Davide