How to crystallise flowers

Personally I just love flowers and I love to use them for decorating cakes. They are just so simple but transform a cake into a piece of art.


So all you need is a lightly beaten egg white, superfine caster sugar and a pastry brush.

I used violas and pansies! Just very lightly brush with egg white and sprinkle over the sugar. I placed my sugar coated pansies onto baking paper but I would probably suggest using a metal cooling rack as I found that some of the flowers had stuck to the paper once they had dried.

Leave to dry ideally overnight. And then they will be ready for decorating cakes or even cocktails!

Here’s some beautiful ideas decorated with fresh flowers!



What’s cooking today?

A big hello to all!
We are starting a blog from today here at The Olive Stone.


We want to document our very exciting journey with you all, following both Davide and I. We want to share our passion for food with you all, including our top tips, travels and favourite recipes. Giving everyone the opportunity to get to know us two a bit better!

So watch this space!

What’s on offer today?
Triple chocolate brownies
Double chocolate cake with nutella frosting and ripple
Cherry cake with strawberry cream cheese
Sage focaccia rolls
Stuffed loaves
Large focaccias
Artisan flatbreads

All perfect for or with any supper!

Bon appetite
Hollie & Davide